Supporting startup founders building the
Future of Learning and Work

The way humans work is changing radically, and with an unprecedented global scale.

However, the way we learn and our education pathways remain fairly similar to what they used to be.

There is a unique opportunity to rethink learning pathways and tools to match these "futures of work" around the world.

We support early-stage startups rethinking the future of learning and work.

Transcend Fellowship

Remote fellowship for early-stage founders in this space.

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Startup Portfolio

Led angel syndicates to raise capital for startups in the space.

Portfolio Companies

We have equity holdings in startups shaping the future of learning and work globally.

We help startups with their early operations and GTM strategies, connect with strategic investors and with our fellowship.


London, UK

Sunlight helps teams grow by facilitating access to any course, book, or event in the world

How we've supported Sunlight

We worked directly with the founders to build their 2019 GTM, fundraise strategic capital and successfully enter the USA market


Karachi, Pakistan

Nativ Learning makes online short courses in native languages of Pakistan, and ultimately the developing world, leveraging mobile payments and local institutions

How we've supported Nativ

We are helping Nativ as an advisor on the go-to-marketing strategy and strategic investment in 2020.


Palo Alto, US

NameCoach fixes name pronunciation to drive inclusion and instill a sense of belonging

How we've supported NameCoach

We worked with the founder for the last 5 years to build their successful service to 200 university campuses and multiple global corporations


New York, US

ImpactEd is building the future of hiring for Fortune 100 companies (Accenture, NASA, UN) by creating digital assignments for universities

How we've supported ImpactEd

We supported the CEO for three years by supporting their growth operations and growth and hiring top talent through a contractor team of developers and designers.

Nova Semita

Goa, India

Nova Semita is India’s only career accelerator preparing engineering talent in school to develop a career in tech through a year-long fellowship.

How we've supported Nova Semita

Raj (co-founder) went through our Transcend Fellowship, and received an angel investment from Transcend.


California, US

Traveler is creating a network of coastal outposts for ocean and outdoor enthusiasts through club spaces, experiences, education and retail

How we've supported Traveler

For the last 3 years, we have personally experienced the cultural learnings in their spaces and will support their growth in the online space

Our Team

Alberto Arenaza

Former Inaugural Class at Minerva Schools, EH Global Capital, Dalberg Advisors and T-Hub India.

Alberto is building the youth community and startup network power the insights and opportunities across 5 continents.

Michael Narea

Former Director of EdTech Innovation at GSVlabs, Brightstar Technologies.

Michael has led operations in 10 early stage ventures and advised 200+ learning ventures across 5 continents over the last 10 years.

We operate a network of experienced contractors that work with our portofolio companies, as well as a talent network from young individuals trying to break into the space


Looking for a role in a growing startup shaping the future? Struggling to find talent?

We want to bridge this gap by connecting top global talent and contractors to our portfolio and network of startups globally.

Join us!

Find more opportunities on our Transcend Jobs board.

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Reach out if you want to learn more, tell us about your startup or are trying to break into the space!

Our Operating Advisors

Our Operating Partners have unique experiences and skills they can deploy to support early stage projects in their key

Felicia Reich

Felicia creates a sense of belonging by listening and observing

Felicia currently builds communities both offline and online for Namecoach and recently designed research resources for Radical Partners in Miami, FL

#Emotional Intelligence
#Diversity & Inclusion

Mariya Illarionova

Mariya builds digital solutions and experiences for community-driven businesses.

Mariya leads Community Operations for Abby Pollock and TransformNation. Her past projects include Lost Arts, ASU GSV Summit, and IVY

#Community Management
#Community Operations
#Community Engagement

A fellowship for early-stage founders building the future of learning and work.

8-week remote fellowship to connect with a community of founders, world-class mentors, investors and operators.

"The fellowship helped me consolidate fuzzy thoughts that I had on the future of learning and work. With help from Alberto, we at Nova Semita are now pioneering learning in online communities in India"

Raj Kunkolienkar, Nova Semita

The W20 Fellowship cohort is running during Q1 2020.

Meet our current fellows:

Vidyadhar Sharma (Speckbit)

Bangalore, India

Speckbit is the collaborative tool to discover, curate and remix learning roadmaps for everything.

New Learning Pathways

Vartika Manasvi (Stackraft)

Delhi, India | Canada

Stackraft is a tech recruitment platform that allows employers to assess the candidates' technical skills

Future of Hiring

Eric Anderson (Junto)

San Francisco, USA

Junto helps knowledge workers learn the communication, critical thinking, and interpersonal skills to be effective, happy, and less stressed at work.

Future of Learning at Work

Santiago Yelmini (Edutive)

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Edutive is a SaaS platform for bootcamps to manage their offerings and operations

New Learning Pathways

Mehak Vohra (OnDelta)

San Francisco, USA

On Delta is a growth marketing school that's $0 until you get a job.

New Learning Pathways

Aurelien Chu (Eskwelabs)

Manila, Philippines

Eskwelabs uses blended learning models to rapidly upskill individuals and teams in Southeast Asia

New Learning Pathways

Valentin Perez (Monthly)

San Francisco, USA

Monthly offers month-long online classes taught by creators with large online audiences

New Learning Pathways

Raj Kunkolienkar (Nova Semita)

Goa, India

Nova Semita connects engineering students with employment opportunities in startups through a year-fellowship and community.

Future of Career Paths

Kevin Celisca (Integrate)


Integrate is a teacher and student tool that helps schools make informed decisions around student's performance, graduation rates, behavioral analytics, and equity.

Future of K-12 tools

Izzy Ngo (Vere360)


Vere360 increases access to quality social issues education and vocational training in Southeast Asia using Virtual Reality

Future of K-12 Tools

Ray Batra (Shift_Up)

Detroit, USA

Shift_Up creates learning gyms, physical spaces that support online learning.

New Learning Pathways

Derek Larson (Tretar)

Chicago, USA

Tretar helps job seekers make more informed decisions about which startups to join.

Future of Hiring

Ashley Artrip (Mission Collaborative)

Washington DC, USA

Mission Collaborative runs career change programs to help busy professionals get unstuck and design a career they actually love!

Future of Career Paths

Aditya Mohanty (Insurjo)

Mumbai, India

Insurjo is a 3-month Associate Product Manager (APM) program where you learn Product skills by working at the best startups in India and transition into a PM position

New Learning Pathways

Tomás Pando (MasterMeUp)

Barcelona, Spain

MasterMeUp is an online community that empowers anyone with the tools & skills to grow sustainable business.

New Learning Pathways

Andy Page (Careero)

Virginia, USA

Careero runs virtual career fairs, allowing universities and professional communities to earn extra revenue and engage employer partners.

Future of Career Paths

Sam Stowers (Slumber)

Kansas City, USA

Drug-free insomnia treatment on your phone. Uses proven therapeutic tools to fix insomnia permanently, for the 770M+ insomniacs.

Wellness at Work

César Suárez (Xertify)

Bogotá, Colombia

Xertify provides digital certificates for educational institutions using Blockchain and Self Sovereign Identity

Unbundled Higher Ed

Craig Vandermeer (Insight Global)

Vancouver, Canada

Insight Global Education delivers educational programming blending ethics and skills development in the Global South.

Future of Learning Experiences

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Our fellows are supported by some of the best advisors, investors, and operators around the world.

To learn more about the fellowship or our work - reach out to us.

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At Transcend Network, we support early-stage startups rethinking the future of learning and work.

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